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  • El Norteno Foods

    The Original


    24 Sticks of Pure Satisfaction

  • Cecina Con Salsa Picante

    The Real Deal


    12 Bags of Protein Power, 0g Sugar

  • Tira De Carne Habanero y Limón

    The Cool


    24 Sticks of Heat and Lime

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USDA Approved

Authentic Mexican
Recipes & Flavors

Inspired by the recipes and vibrant, rich culture of Mexico, El Norteño's grab-and-go meat snacks are made using authentic recipes, real ingredients and our passion and attention to detail. Experience the satisfying crunch of our meat sticks? Yeah - we did that on purpose. Our Original Flavor Mexican-style beef jerky has richer, meatier flavor because it's more real meat - 16g protein, 0g sugar and no fillers. The only jerky with hot sauce in the bag! Go forth with confidence and pride, enjoy our snacks and remember to share El Norton with all your amigos! #ToThePeople

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El Norteno Foods Cecina Sugar Free Beef Jerky Best Beef Jerky

No Added

Real Ingredients,
Pure Protein

Authentic Healthy Ingredients

Our Original Mexican-Style Beef Jerky is packed with 16g of healthy protein to fuel your day and…it's sugar free! Yes! 0g of sugar! Low cards, zero trans fat, you can feel good about enjoying El Norteño. Never any fillers, No MSG and our meat sticks are Gluten-Free. We're bringing #PureCarne #ToThePeople!

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