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"El Norteño!! Yes please. More please. Keep sending these. Thank you...."

Juan P.
Corpus Christi, TX

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A taste is worth a thousand words...

"El Norteño!! Yes please. More please. Keep sending these. Thank you."
Juan P.
Corpus Christi, TX

"Where has El Norteño been all my life?!! I can’t stop eating it and I don’t want to share!"
Eder M.
Sylmar, CA

"That's a damn good meat stick."
Katie W.
Oklahoma City, OK

"This is Cecina. This is Mexican."
Alejandro Crespo, Crespo Sales & Marketing,
Guadalajara, Mexico

"El Norteño meat snacks capture the authentic flavor of Jalisco. Over 18 months, they worked with a team from Guadalajara, Mexico and Los Angeles perfecting the recipe to make sure El Norteño Cecina was, “ the real deal – a True Mexican Meat Snack."

"El Norteño easily sets itself apart with a flavor sensation that pays tribute to Mexico's unique culinary sensibilities and history. On it's own, the smokey and peppery dried beef provides a fun and lively snack. Yet, when you dip the jerky into the provided Tapatío hot sauce, the tastes instantly marry together yielding a spicy beefy treat that eats like a meal."

"This Cecina from El Norteño offers snackers an entirely new experience for its unique blend of seasonings and spices. It doesn't taste "American" at all, but something that could have definitely originated from deep inside of Mexico. Each chew leaches out a savory seasoning, which I think is where the Cecina builds its attraction. It's not the tender, soft chewing that Americans seem to want with jerky, but then again, this isn't marketed as jerky. Overall, I think it does a great job of presenting a jerky looking feel, but with a flavor unlike any other jerky."