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Mango Habanero - Where The Sweet Meets The Heat

We're always working on new flavors and recipes. We talk to a lot of people about what flavors they are looking for and we find inspiration everywhere. We've taken everything we've learned over the last couple of 
years and put that knowledge and inspiration into our newest El Norteño beef jerky flavor - Mango Habanero. 
This is where the Mango sweet meets the Habanero Heat. We've sampled this new flavor out to many people in Austin and around Texas and we can confidently say - this flavor tastes incredible. The subtle blend of mango combined with the bold heat of habanero chiles makes for an irresistable combo. With 19g of protein packed into a 1.5oz bag, this is more like a meal than a quick snack. 

People continue to ask us, "Where can we find it?" We are working on that every day and we've made it easier to find Mango Habanero beyond our website. We've just added a STORE LOCATOR to our website so you can search for El Norteño. Please let your local store know about us and get in touch with us! We love hearing from you and we are truly inspired and motivated when we hear from happy customers. We just sent one satisfied customer in Katy, Texas some El Norteño gear as a way to say THANK YOU for trying the Mango Habanero. 

We'll keep searching for inspiration and y'all keep your eyes out for El Norteño Mango Habanero Jerky!


Beef Jerky Love

Here at El Norteño Headquarters in Austin, Texas we talk about beef jerky pretty much nonstop. We talk about the cut, texture, flavor, bite profile, aroma, the visual appeal and so on. We do this because crafting excellent recipes is our number one priority. For us, seeing someone discover, experience and enjoy El Norteño for the first time is so satisfying because we love sharing what we spend so much time perfecting. We also love meeting and talking with people and listening to their reactions as they try El Norteño. 

We have heard so many times, "Wow, this is actually really good!" People are surprised by how truly rich the beef tastes and how well the flavors blend together. We also love seeing people discover the hot sauce packet inside every bag. "Hey, look, there's a little hot sauce thing in there!" "Oh, I love that hot sauce!" "I've never had hot sauce on jerky - it's really good!" That is all music to our ears.

Being out in our community is important to us. Listening to our customers is important to us. We are always looking to improve and there is no one better to guide our progress than the people who support us. We've met so many wonderful people throughout Texas in the last few months. We've been in San Angelo, El Campo, Corpus Christi, Denton, Waco, El Paso, Houston and of course our hometown of Austin just to name a few. We are going to continue growing and we hope you join us for the journey. Please check our EVENTS page for El Norteño appearances. If you have an event, a question, a comment or just wanna talk jerky, please get in touch with us. Our door is always open and we are always happy to hear from you!